Sourdough Chapter 49 – Anchorage and South Central Alaska

Education and Events


Membership Meeting and Luncheon

November 18, 2020

Current Officers and Committee Chairs

President & International Director Sterling Lopez 269-0698

International Director  Kathryn Schreckenghost, SR/WA 646-5169

Vice-President Mychael Alfaro, SR/WA

Treasurer Claire Mueller, SR/WA 562-2000

Secretary Cody Neuendorf, SR/WA

Education Co-Chair Brittany Nuxall 269-0348

Education Co-Chair Deanna Kilburn, SR/WA, 562-2000

Communications & Outreach Chair Paula Brault, SR/WA, 644-2111

Nominations & Elections – Tom Kretzschmar, 644-2029

Professional Development – Fred Mortimer, AICP, SR/WA, 646-5128

Programs Chair – Matt Walsh

Membership Chair
Karen Keesecker, SR/WA, 762-4726

Membership Co-Chair Danika Simpson 269-0687

Website Manager
Timothy A. Trawver, SR/WA 346-2019

Picnic/Winter Party Coordinator Steve Schmitt, PLS, SR/WA 343-8366

Programs Chair Timothy Mullikin

Alan C. Trawver, SR/WA 346-2433