Sourdough Chapter 49 – Anchorage and South Central Alaska

The International Right of Way Association welcomes applicants to apply for a Right of Way Scholarship

Education and Events


Membership Meeting and Luncheon

August 19, 2020


Membership Meeting and Luncheon

September 16, 2020


Membership Meeting and Luncheon

October 21, 2020


Membership Meeting and Luncheon

November 18, 2020

Current Officers and Committee Chairs

President & International Director Kathryn Schreckenghost, SR/WA 646-5169

International Director Danika Simpson 269-0687

Vice-President Sterling Lopez 269-0698

Treasurer Claire Mueller, SR/WA 562-2000

Secretary Mychael Alfaro, SR/WA

Education Co-Chair Brittany Nuxall 269-0348

Education Co-Chair Deanna Kilburn, SR/WA, 562-2000

Communications & Outreach Chair Paula Brault, SR/WA, 644-2111

Nominations & Elections – Tom Kretzschmar, 644-2029

Professional Development – Fred Mortimer, AICP, SR/WA, 646-5128

Professional Development Vice Chair
Bonnie Bailey, SR/WA, 696-2163

Membership Chair
Karen Keesecker, SR/WA, 762-4726

Website Manager
Timothy A. Trawver, SR/WA 346-2019

Immediate Past President Danika Simpson 269-0687

Picnic/Winter Party Coordinator Steve Schmitt, PLS, SR/WA 343-8366

Programs Chair Timothy Mullikin

Alan C. Trawver, SR/WA 346-2433