C-901 Engineering Plan Development & Application




January 22, 2018

IRWA Credentialing: 8 QUE/CUE

Instructor: Steve Schmitt, PLS, SR/WA, CLIMB

Course Coordinator: Claire Mueller, RWA, SR/WA Candidate

Phone: 907-865-1172

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Course Description: The purpose of this course is to enable participants to improve their plan reading skills in order to perform their jobs more easily, effectively and efficiently. The course is designed to enable participants to improve their skills in using engineering plans and drawings. Topics include: How to read topographic and property information on plans; the interrelationship of plan, profile and cross section sheets ; how to determine the horizontal and vertical alignment of a centerline ; how to use aerial photogrammetry; plane coordinates; utility line crossings of highways; contour line characteristics; how to calculate earthwork; and Interpreting right of way plans. Prerequisites: IRWA Course 100 “Principles of Land Acquisition” or IRWA Course 900 “Principles of Real Estate Engineering” (or equivalents), or basic understanding of engineering terminology and principles; and a minimum of two years of right of way engineering experience. Course Tuition includes: Participant Manual and Engineering tools (engineering scale, protractor and straight edge) Required Materials: Financial calculator and Mechanical pencil. Who should take this course? This course is designed for the new non-engineer employee who has acquired a basic understanding of engineering terminology and principles and has two years engineering right of way experience. It is also a valuable refresher course for experienced agents.

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